Tiger Tribe – 3D Colouring Set – Fierce Creatures


This Fierce Creatures 3D Colouring Set includes:
? 36 x 3D colouring pages
? 3D glasses
? 10 markers
? handy storage box
Suitable for ages 5+
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Tiger Tribe?s brand new 3D Colouring Set ? Fierce Creatures takes your colouring to the next dimension!
This super cool 3D Colouring Set allows you to create awesome optical illusions. Simply colour in, put your special 3D glasses on and watch your artwork pop off the page!
3D Fierce Creatures is ?lled with a menagerie of wild animal colouring pages, 10 vibrant markers and Tiger Tribe 3D glasses.
All in one self-contained box, with a magnetic ?ap to keep contents safely stored.
The Tiger Tribe Colouring Set is a self contained box with 3D glasses and markers to create 3D Fierce Creatures!


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